This sample container with polypropylene stopper is an innovation concerning the safety and reliability of laboratory samples.
This container holds a unique serial number that cannot be counterfeit.
The compartments of 35 ml each make it possible to divide the same sample into 4 parts, in total safety either for the operator or for the subject. And the total capacity is 140ml
The transparent cap fitted with a NUMBERED cover special seal for a perfect seal.
Numbered screw mounting cap is equipped with an irreversible screwing system; All attempts at force provoke the obvious breaking of the security seal which is manufactured with a deliberately weaker plastic material
- You can use it for the safe transport of samples for legal purposes.
- Pharmaceuticals
- The transport of precious stones or minerals: like Gold, the Diamond ...
- Evidence on the case of doping for athletes. All components of the doping container are permanently etched to ensure the same number of possible manipulations.

Manual for the Siegel container
This innovative and unique sample container consists of the following items:
1) Container* 110/70 mm with 4 comparatments of 30 ml each.
2) cap * 60/25 mm with PE foam.
3) screw cap * 85/20 mm with irreversible screwing system.
4) printed label * with the lot number.
Remarks: parts 1 * 4 * are delivered with the engraved unique serial number.
5) 2 pieces security locks to insert in the eyelets of container (1) and screw cap (3).
6) wrench 65/05 mm, to open the container.
7) sample dipper 200/50 mm, 35 ml, individually packed.
8) sterile test tubes, 75/12 mm, PS 3,5 ml, 4 pieces.

You have different possibilities how to fill your value sample and to make use
of the four compartments of the Siegel container.

A) Fill your sample direct into the compartment or
use the sample dipper (7).
If you require a "sterile
sample"- you can use the sterile test tubes (8).

B) Put the cap (2) on the container
(1) - with the PE
PE foam showing on the container.

C) Completely screw on the cap (3) - until a distinctive
"clicking" sound is heard. Now your container is
temper evident and the screw cap cannot be opened
without breaking the seal.

D) Should you desire to secure further - please insert
the two pieces security looks
(5) on the outside of
the container (1).

E) To take out one of the samples - put the container
upside down and open one of the four nozzles with
the special key - wrench (6).