This sample container with polypropylene stopper is an innovation concerning the safety and reliability of laboratory samples.
This container holds a unique serial number that cannot be counterfeit.
The compartments of 35 ml each make it possible to divide the same sample into 4 parts, in total safety either for the operator or for the subject. And the total capacity is 140ml
The transparent cap fitted with a NUMBERED cover special seal for a perfect seal.
Numbered screw mounting cap is equipped with an irreversible screwing system; All attempts at force provoke the obvious breaking of the security seal which is manufactured with a deliberately weaker plastic material
- You can use it for the safe transport of samples for legal purposes.
- Pharmaceuticals
- The transport of precious stones or minerals: like Gold, the Diamond ...
- Evidence on the case of doping for athletes. All components of the doping container are permanently etched to ensure the same number of possible manipulations.