MQM Mastitis on Farm Treatment Decision System
On average, reduces antibiotic treatment by 40%

Mastitis Treatment represents the number one reason for antibiotic use on dairy farms. Antibiotic use requises long milk withhold times and decreased milk production. Some mastitis bacteria have high self-cure rates and antibiotic use may just not be justified use of rapid tools for the identification of mastitis pathogens enables treatment decision and save money without compromising mastitis outcomes. A new tool is now aviable to veterinary medicine as an inexpensive and faster option for bacteriologie testing of milk.

System components
10 Coliform Count Petrifilm
10 Aerobic Count Petrifilm
1 plastic spreader
10 3 cc syringes
10 collection vials
10 diluent vials
10 alcohol gauzes
Instructions for using the Mastitis Treatment Decision System
This kit is designed for use on cows that do not have a fever (temp<39,5°C). Severe mastitis cases should be treated according to veterinarian recommended protocols.
a) Use sterile technique and the alcohol swaps provided to collect milk into the vial with the label.
b) Add with the syringe 1 ml of milk into the vial with the diluent. This vial has a perforated cap and so you can insert the needle of the syringe through the cap.
c) Label and freeze the vial with the label for submission to
d) diagnostic Lab.
Plating diluted samples
a) Gently mix the diluted milk sample and insert the needle of the syringe through the top and draw out 2 cc of sample.
b) Remove 1 Red and 1 White Petrifilm and place on a flat level surface. Lift and hold back the plastic film cover.
c) Dispence 1 cc of diluted milk on the centre of each Petrifilm.
d) Replace the plastic film. Place the spreader with the „White“ side up gently on the white film. Repeat using the „Red“ side on the red film.
a) Place the Petrifilms in the incubator at 30°C (+/-1°C). A recommended incubator No. 1632 is available at Insure that incubator has a small amount of water for humidity.
b) After 22-24 hours remove the Petrifilm for reading (instructions on reverse).

Storage Boxes for Milk Sample Vials