Microbiology HygieneChek™ PLUS

HygieneChek™ PLUS Dip- Slides are convenient, agarbased test systems designed to detect microbiological contamination in various liquids and on surfaces.

How the test works
HygieneChek™ PLUS Dip-Slides are easy to use, reliable and economic microbiological testing systems. A double-sided agar paddle detects and identifies various microorganisms commonly found in water, foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Microbiological samples can be taken directly from liquids and surfaces in the processing environment (including production lines), kitchens, cafeterias, supermarkets, cooling towers and clean rooms. HygieneChek™ Dip-Slides can also be used for air sampling. The only equipment required for the HygieneChek™ PLUS Dip-Slides is an incubator (a benchtop autoclave is optional). The test system consists of a container with a screw cap and a removable paddle. The surface of the paddle is covered on both sides with a nutrient agar medium. Romer Labs offers a range of different agar types. HygieneChek™ PLUS Dip- Slides are also ideally suited for the transport of microbiological samples.

Easy to handle
• No agar rehydration
• No autoclaving
• Storable at room temperature
• Long shelf life
On-site testing
• No expensive equipment
• No special skills needed
• Suited for HACCP concept
High microbial growth
• Thick agar layer promotes growth and prohibits drying out
• 10 cm² agar surface area on each paddle side
Broad spectrum of applications
• Take samples from liquids, surfaces and air
• Perfectly suited for the transport of microbes

Read the Package Insert instructions completely before performing any test.
Obtain samples from surfaces, liquids, personnel, swabs and the air (using our unique magnetic dip-slide holder)
Incubate at the specified temperature Interpret and record the results with the help of package insert and our interpretation guide